Women and Body Image

It boggles my mind, sometimes, how women (and men) have distorted views about their bodies. What many people fail to realize is that “healthy” takes on several different forms. I am in my last year at the university and this quarter, I have a class on gender, race, and class in the media. This course has been so interesting! The professor encourages thinking outside of the box. I find myself learning something new each session.

I had never really dissected advertisements the way we’ve been doing so. I know sex sells, but golly! I never realized how many ads that involve women present them in a way in which they are objectified and sexualized. The ad could have nothing to do with sex, as far as the product goes, but it’s there. For example, the Carl’s Jr. commercials. Need I say more? The women in these ads are usually rail-thin; no one is that small, not even the model. I’m sure I’m just beating a dead horse because this has been discussed throughout the years. And even though it’s been debated over and over, nothing has changed.

Women almost kill themselves to try to meet the media’s interpretation of beauty or a woman’s ideal weight. Super thin does not equate to being healthy. I’m not tiny, nor am I severely overweight and I’m happy with my overall image. I stand at 5’4 and 3/4 (the 3/4 is important!). My weight fluctuates between 120 lbs. and 130 lbs. At my smallest, I was 115 lbs. last year. And my absolute biggest I was 135 lbs. I found it interesting that I was just as happy at my smallest as I was at my heaviest. I have become comfortable with my body type because it’s just that: mine! Once one comes to the realization that everyone is built differently, they’ll truly be happy. Don’t let others dictate to you what you should aspire to look like.


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