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Hi All,

I just wanted to take a little time to share why I blog. I know that the blogging sphere is pretty saturated but I don’t do it to become some huge personality. I honestly want to do what I enjoy — writing — and collaborate, as well as share ideas with others. And if I’m able to help support my family from blogging, I welcome it.

Let’s go waaaay back for a moment. I started blogging in 2008 while I was a staff writer at the community college I attended. I really wanted to just give my input on pop culture and current events that I couldn’t contribute to the school paper. I used the platform Blogger and to be real, it hasn’t changed much since I last used it – LOL. Then, I switched over to WordPress and never looked back.

At the time Twitter was just gaining traction and I really took advantage of creating conversation there and taking the conversation to my blog. I tweeted the links to my posts, thinking no one would read them. And boy, was I surprised when I started seeing comments appear and I kept receiving emails with new subscribers. I thought to myself, “People are seriously reading my blog?!”

Over time, I got the opportunity to guest blog for a music site, a television show reviewing site, and interview actors, musicians, and other entertainers. It was fun! I got to make some new connections and still have some. But I’ve decided to move in another direction. When I transferred to a university, my course load was insane! I never took less than 18 quarter units. The largest course load I had was 21 or 22 units. I got absolutely no sleep and did nothing but school, work, and meetings. My blog sort of fell off of my priority list.

As of late, I’ve really been thinking about getting my life together and spending more time working on my blog. Since I changed jobs in June my free time has gone down. But my mom always told me, “You make time for the things you want to do.” And she’s right. I just need to stay focused.

I hopped on Pinterest to find some things that might help me to get on track and organized. I found this guide to creating an amazing Business Plan from Melyssa Griffin’s site. I think that’s been an issue for me: not having an organized plan and nailing down both short and long-term goals for myself. I need to be able to gauge how I’m doing: whether I’m improving or not. I need to know whether what I’m doing is working or not, and if not, I need to figure out how to get where I need to be.

The next thing I downloaded and printed was this blog post planner from DearCrissy.com. I needed this to have something with which to refer when I’m planning posts. I know this will come in handy, keeping me on pace with my content development. I like that there’s a weekly outlook with the option to plan content from a daily perspective.

What are some things that help you, fellow bloggers, to stay on track? Please share; I’d like to try different things!


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