VERY Surprised

Positive pregnancy tests
These are NOT my pee sticks.

My husband and I found out I was pregnant on February 2, 2015. We’re all friends here so I’ll give you TMI. I’d been having cramps, as I normally do right before I get my period. I was absolutely miserable and extremely emotional. According to my cycle tracker, I was experiencing PMS when I was supposed to. I joked with Scott that if I didn’t get my period the following Monday, I’d take a pregnancy test. When it didn’t come, I bought a test just for kicks.

We got home and Scott went to the gym and I took the test. I sat it on the bathtub and waited for the results to populate. I just KNEW I wasn’t pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant before and I never saw myself pregnant, although I’d never ruled out children. This has proven to be quite an experience.

I had my first OB/Gyn appointment and from the blood sample I gave them during my initial trip, they were able to tell me just about how far along I am. At this point, I’m between 7 and 8 weeks. My due date is October 10. I’m EXTREMELY nervous. I have no idea what to expect. What I DO know is that my diet is severely restricted and I’ve had the worst cramps ever. Since I can’t eat (or smell, for that matter) what I used to, I’ve decided to make up recipes from the things I can. Planning and saving for this baby is going to be crazy, too. So many changes in so little time.