Rent the Runway for Expecting Moms

My best friend’s wedding is August 30 and I still have yet to get my gown. The other bridesmaids got theirs in late March. Honestly, I was going back and forth about whether I still wanted to participate because my energy levels have been nonexistent. I could tell she’d become irritated with me dragging my feet about the gown. But pregnancy changes a lot emotionally, physically, and in the hormone department.

I’ve been trying to keep my word and participate. She even told me I could wear something else because I know I won’t look or feel comfortable in the gown the other girls are wearing. As I started looking for something to wear, I began seeing prices for the viable options. They were much more than I anticipated spending, considering Scott and I are saving for the baby. I started to panic a little and then remembered I’d visited Rent the Runway’s site before and they have a nice selection of gowns. I figured I could rent something in the vicinity of the color and style my friend wants for a fraction of the cost of the gown from Alfred Angelo.

The gowns I saw on RTR are renting for between $70 and $90 for 4 days. The gowns my friend is looking to get me into are between $229 and $300. That’s quite a difference and in my opinion, the pieces from RTR are higher quality than Alfred Angelo’s. I’ve been working with a stylist from RTR to color match and hopefully, we get something VERY close. If my friend decides it would be best for me not to be in the wedding, anymore, I won’t be upset. I’ll still look FABULOUS with my pregnant self at her wedding!