On Maternity Leave

Hey, all. I’m glad to say I’ve finally begun my leave. As of last Thursday, I’ll be off for an undetermined amount of time. It’s set at 16 weeks but who knows, maybe I’ll go back sooner. Or maybe I won’t go back at all. I’m kind of hoping I can find something part-time that pays enough to supplement my husband’s income. I’d like to stay with the baby as long as I can after she’s born. My job offered to let me work remotely while I’m on leave but that defeats the purpose of taking a leave.

So, now that I have a few weeks of down time, I want to get some important things done. I have to pack my bag for the hospital, fill out my Power of Attorney, send my doctor my disability information, and purge my closet. I swear I clean my closet out 18 times a year and it seems like I haven’t done a thing. There are also a few projects I want to start before the baby comes because I’ll rest a little easier.

My baby shower was yesterday and the little one got some good things. She won’t be short on clothes, that’s for sure. But we also got a ton of diapers, which I’m grateful for. My mom, sister, and friends did a beautiful job and I almost cried a few times because I was so touched. Now, to find a place for everything.