H&M + Thrift Store Finds

Hi, All!

Many who know me know that I love H&M. When I received their email about deals under $20, last week I had to act. I was able to find the top three pieces. From left to right: a black peplum top with silver detail ($14.99), a black houndstooth wrap skirt ($19.99), and a glittery fuchsia peplum top ($9.99). I spent under $50 for all three with free shipping!

In the bottom row, are my thrifted finds: a fuchsia sweater, an orange and cream skirt, and a striped cardigan. The first two were $3.95 each and the cardigan was $1.50. I’d say I won.

Thrifting is so much fun, especially when you go with the right person. In this case, that person is my sister. Those who thrift know that it’s an art. You have to go in knowing exactly what you want and know how to spot quality pieces. I’ll post on that later.

I’m happy I was able to add fuchsia to my closet. I have lots of navy, grey, brown, and black; basically a ton of neutral colors. On a separate shopping trip I found several pairs of earrings (hoops and studs) at H&M and Charlotte Russe. Everything I bought was on sale and y’all know I love a sale!