Girl, bye.

I’ve been dealing with a difficult co-worker for the last six months. She started out kind, answering any questions I had about how to handle certain things. But then, seemingly overnight, she became rude to me. She labeled it as “simple instruction” but speaking to someone in a condescending manner is not “simple instruction.” I also find her to be passive-aggressive, which is something I’m used to with people who are younger. I’ve never had a problem articulating how I feel or what I need to others and as an adult, as well as a person having oversight, I thought she’d be the same way. Boy, was I wrong.

I thought I could let some things slide because she might have just been having a bad day/week/month. However, it became a frequent occurrence. My mother doesn’t even speak to me the way she speaks to me. I’ve been trying to figure out where or when or even IF I offended her at some point and I’ve come up with nothing.

As a mature adult, you have to realize you aren’t going to get along with everyone you work with. And that’s fine with me. As long as we can get our jobs done in a way that doesn’t affect the office’s productivity. Now, that I’m pregnant, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put up with nonsense. So, my patience with her is almost nonexistent. I’m trying my best to stick around for a while because my boss — the VP of our division — has a lot of marketing knowledge that I would like to absorb. For now, I’ll just do what my family keeps telling me to do: let whatever she says or does roll off of my back and keep moving. My mom thinks she gets a rise out of irritating me; I won’t let her anymore. Or at least I won’t be visibly bothered. It’s not healthy for myself or my growing fetus. As Nene Leakes put it:

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