Countdown to Debt-Free

Paid in full stampHi, All!

I couldn’t wait to blog about this: we paid off two bills in the last week! I’m so happy — can you tell? Just an update about what’s happening in my life: I had a horseback riding accident last Friday. Talk about bummer. Needless to say, my stressful week at work did not end with the fun trip Scott and I had planned for the last couple of months. To bypass the accident and go right to our debt update skip ahead to the fifth paragraph.

I took a half day at work because we had to drive to Temecula. The day had been especially stressful because my supervisor and I had to work on something pressing and only had a short amount of time to get the ball rolling. I was looking forward to doing some wine tasting, horseback riding through a vineyard and a romantic dinner with Scott that day.

We went wine tasting at Avensole and bought a couple of bottles: one Syrah blend and the other was a Zinfandel. The wine was excellent! We were excited to see the vineyard by horseback so we hurried to the stable next door. We were about 10 minutes away from making it back to the stable after the ride when the horses became frightened; we still aren’t sure why. Mine was the only one that took off running. Cowboy got about 50 yards away, doing close to 40 mph, when I fell off. I fell onto the ground and hit my head.

We didn’t finish the ride, obviously, and decided to leave. I told Scott I wanted to go to urgent care because I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. I’d gotten a migraine a few minutes after I got up from the ground and thought I might have one. We went to one urgent care facility in Temecula and then I decided to go to urgent care closer to our home. Long story short, I was diagnosed with a mild concussion and only minor injuries. Thank Jehovah; it could’ve been worse. Moving on from the downer…

Debt Snowbell

If you’re new to our journey to debt-free, you can read why we started budgeting here, one of the apps we’re using to track progress here and our first progress update here. On to the debt! At the end of last year, we received the hospital bill for the baby’s stay when she was born, that was just shy of $900. And then, I had to have a couple of dental procedures done in April that cost $1200. I was bummed at the price tag but it was necessary. We didn’t have the cash lying around to pay both of those so we set up payment plans. I’m glad to say that those debts are completely done, as we made the last payment to the hospital last Thursday and the final payment to my dentist’s office, today!

I can honestly say it does feel really good to have knocked out two of our bills within days of each other. It’s definitely motivation to keep going. Paying  off a bill gives one such a feeling of accomplishment.

What are some ways you are taking control of your finances? Have you tried the Snowball method? Are you tracking progress with an app? I’d love to hear your approach!


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