Colic or Just Regular Fussiness

Hey All!

Scott and I have been having a hard time with Baby R being super fussy. We aren’t completely sure as to what’s causing her to be fussy. I’ve been thinking she may be colicky but when we took her to the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago, the nurse practitioner said that may not be the case. She said Baby R may have an intolerance to the the formula we’ve been using. So, she gave us several cans of Similac for Sensitivity.Similac Sensitive

We’ve been giving it a whirl for the last two weeks until we return to the doctor for an update but things did improve. However, I got new bottles for her, as well. That means I don’t know whether the formula was bothering her or the bottles. The bottles we initially had were the Philips Avent. I bought those because my pump is from the Philips brand so I figured it made sense to get the same brand. Nope. I looked at some reviews for those bottles and people complained about them leaking and making the baby suck in air. You can believe I took them back to Target and exchanged them for a set of bottles from Dr. BrownDr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottles Pink

So far so good, with the exception of the last couple of nights. I think she may be in the middle of changing her sleep patterns because she hasn’t been sleeping like she did the first three weeks of her life.

You may be wondering why not just breastfeed? Trust me, I’ve tried but she just won’t latch. However, I’ve been pumping and supplementing with the formula. There was a week or so where I wasn’t feeling the best and during that time, my milk production decreased. My mom told me that would happen if I didn’t pump regularly. But when you don’t feel well, you just don’t feel well. I give a big kudos to all the women who breastfeed. I haven’t completely ruled out nursing. In fact, I’m going to the hospital where I delivered to get assistance from a lactation specialist to see if it’s possible to do it now. I’ve read in some places it is but I want guidance on how to do it correctly so she and I can be in sync and less frustrated. I want Baby R to have all of the health benefits that come from nursing (ie. antibodies to build up her immune system).