Lose Weight with Just Dance

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Hi, All!

I’ve procrastinated far too long. If you’re like me you set out to lose weight (or get in shape) and end up falling off the wagon. Getting fit certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do but it feels like the right thing to do. I want to feel good about myself — inside and out. I decided to document this challenge I’ve assigned myself. The reason being inspiration and encouragement, as well as accountability. On the days I feel I’m not making progress, I can read my blog, see progress photos, and draw encouragement to keep going. I also want to encourage others who may need it, too.

Colic or Just Regular Fussiness

Hey All!

Scott and I have been having a hard time with Baby R being super fussy. We aren’t completely sure as to what’s causing her to be fussy. I’ve been thinking she may be colicky but when we took her to the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago, the nurse practitioner said that may not be the case. She said Baby R may have an intolerance to the the formula we’ve been using. So, she gave us several cans of Similac for Sensitivity.Similac Sensitive

My Birth Story

somestufforwhatever.wordpress.com newborn and mom

Hey, all. That’s our little princess and I a couple of hours after we’d been moved to our postpartum room. Three days after my due date on October 13, around 1 AM my water broke. I texted Scott because he was at work and told him what happened and he came home. I told him not to call our families because I wanted to go to the hospital and make sure it wasn’t a false alarm but he decided to call everyone anyway. We got to the hospital around 2 AM because I decided to take a shower and we stopped for snacks on the way. After waiting in triage and being examined by an RN, I was admitted. I found out I was dilated to 1.5 cm.

How I Avoided Buying Maternity Clothes

Hey, all! When I found out I was pregnant I had every intention of being comfortable. I had no desire to feel how Kim K. looked when she was pregnant with North West. Like, swollen feet, shoved into uncomfortable shoes was just not the way I wanted to go [see Kim’s feet to the right].
Kim Kardashian Swollen Feet

I’ve always been a fan of maxi dresses and skirts and have no shortage of either. They allow one to be very comfortable without feeling or looking sloppy or too casual. You can dress them up or down, depending on what your office’s dress code is. Mine was pretty lenient. I think my boss just didn’t want people walking in wearing ripped jeans. The last two weeks before my leave, I wore flip flops because no other shoes were comfortable.¬†LOL.

On Maternity Leave

Hey, all. I’m glad to say I’ve finally begun my leave. As of last Thursday, I’ll be off for an undetermined amount of time. It’s set at 16 weeks but who knows, maybe I’ll go back sooner. Or maybe I won’t go back at all. I’m kind of hoping I can find something part-time that pays enough to supplement my husband’s income. I’d like to stay with the baby as long as I can after she’s born. My job offered to let me work remotely while¬†I’m on leave but that defeats the purpose of taking a leave.

So, now that I have a few weeks of down time, I want to get some important things done. I have to pack my bag for the hospital, fill out my Power of Attorney, send my doctor my disability information, and purge my closet. I swear I clean my closet out 18 times a year and it seems like I haven’t done a thing. There are also a few projects I want to start before the baby comes because I’ll rest a little easier.

My baby shower was yesterday and the little one got some good things. She won’t be short on clothes, that’s for sure. But we also got a ton of diapers, which I’m grateful for. My mom, sister, and friends did a beautiful job and I almost cried a few times because I was so touched. Now, to find a place for everything.


Pregnancy Pillow Love

Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Body pillow

At this point, I’m 20 weeks pregnant and the amount of sleep I’ve been getting has decreased. My energy levels are about the same as they were during my first trimester, unfortunately. I guess Scott probably became annoyed with my constant complaining about sleep deprivation and decided to get a pregnancy pillow for me. Let me just tell you that it’s absolutely FABULOUS. i honestly don’t know how I’ve been sleeping without one for these 20-something years of my life. It’s called a Snoogle by Leachco. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. But when I took it out of the bag and tossed it on the bed it took over.

I thought I’d need my regular head pillow but I didn’t. The Snoogle is literally for your head, back, and legs. I told Scott I was so comfortable that I felt like I was in a spa (LOL). I’m hoping it becomes my staple as I approach the infamously uncomfortable third trimester. I can’t imagine what I’ll feel like once my stomach is poking out a lot more. Maternity leave can’t come soon enough!


Finally 14 Weeks Pregnant!

Since I have a case of writer’s block at work, I’ll update you all on my pregnancy. I’m so happy to have made it through the 1st Trimester relatively unscathed. It got a little rough for a while: lots of fatigue, food aversions, nausea, headaches, and cramps. There were times when I couldn’t even imagine getting out of the bed. One morning, I heard my alarm go off and I almost cried.

VERY Surprised

Positive pregnancy tests
These are NOT my pee sticks.

My husband and I found out I was pregnant on February 2, 2015. We’re all friends here so I’ll give you TMI. I’d been having cramps, as I normally do right before I get my period. I was absolutely miserable and extremely emotional. According to my cycle tracker, I was experiencing PMS when I was supposed to.