How To Plan An Amazing Wedding on a Budget

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This is a post I’ve wanted to make since Scott and I got engaged but I was so busy with school, work, wedding planning, and life. Now, I have some time to sit and chat with you all for a bit — even if it is almost four years later. I figured I break everything up so it’s easier to read. In this post, we’ll discuss finding the right venue. By the way, all of the photos except for the gifs are photos from our wedding by the talented, Victoria Velastegui.

The Venue

Our theme was rustic-chic. I looked into barns, farm houses, etc. I particularly looked into this barn, and this farm house, as well as country houses within close proximity to us. The woman with whom I spoke at the Newland Barn about renting it, laughed when I asked her if there was any availability within a year of our engagement.

4 Budget-Friendly Places to Shop

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I thought I’d write this post because I’ve had a few people ask me where I get things I wear. When I tell them, they’re in disbelief and I don’t understand why. I’ve been shopping second hand stores for the past four years or so. Before I was married, I had a bad habit of not having a specific amount in mind before shopping. Now, I’ve given myself a decent budget which allows me to choose wisely instead of buying everything in sight. You don’t have to break the bank to look great. I’ve read horror stories of people working themselves into debt behind shopping. It’s never that serious.

Countdown to Debt-Free

Paid in full stampHi, All!

I couldn’t wait to blog about this: we paid off two bills in the last week! I’m so happy — can you tell? Just an update about what’s happening in my life: I had a horseback riding accident last Friday. Talk about bummer. Needless to say, my stressful week at work did not end with the fun trip Scott and I had planned for the last couple of months. To bypass the accident and go right to our debt update skip ahead to the fifth paragraph.

My [Unpaid] Review of Instacart

instacart delivery review

This is NOT a paid review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I paid for all of my groceries, as well as the fees associated with using the app.

Hi, All!

Saturday afternoon, I felt like the laziest person on the planet. After my daughter and I had returned home from service, I put her down for a nap. Naturally, I thought I should take a nap while she was asleep. After a bunch of tossing and turning because I knew I had a butt load of things to do, I decided to get out of bed. I went in the kitchen to make a list of what we needed from the grocery store because I hadn’t really gone shopping in a couple of weeks since we’d been out of town and then had our convention. As I was making my list, I thought about having our groceries delivered because I had some things to do around the house, plus the baby was asleep (read: I was feeling lazy). 

Journey to Less Debt Update

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So, it’s been a while since I posted about our journey to less debt (and hopefully debtless). I figured now is a good time for an update. Ideally, I’d like to post about it on a monthly basis but it would probably be more realistic if I made quarterly updates. This is something I find myself passionate about because I absolutely HATE being in debt! Before I got married (and had to buy a new car) I enjoyed minimal debt. The only debts I had when Scott and I were first married were my student loan and a single credit card. 

Eliminate Debt without Loans


I found a really cool website called As you know, Scott and I are working to get rid of our debt (you can read about that here). According to The Simple Dollar the average American household carries about $7k in credit card debt alone. You guys, think about auto loans, student loans, and other miscellaneous debts on top of $7k in credit card debt — that’s absolutely crazy!

Budget Planning with Envelopes

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While the baby was asleep I got the idea to create envelopes for each of our expenses. I don’t know about you but I’m a visual person and thought it would be a great idea for me to see and physically place checks or cash in the envelopes. It’s so easy to make payments online with a card but how often do you go and look at your online banking? I used to be an avid user of online banking; I’m not quite sure when I fell off of the wagon. And I’m so not a check registrar kind of girl (even though I should be). For me, seeing everything in Numbers is a lot easier. I see where we begin the month and where we end it.

Debt Diaries: Learning to Budget

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As my maternity leave winds down, I’m trying to get things in order so that our ship can continue on. We’ve had to make some adjustments this past month because Scott lost his job. It’s so easy to see the negative in the situation but we’re focusing on the positive. For one, he lost his job by being honest. Two, he’s taking time to work on his spirituality (and the family’s), as well as expand his ministry. And three, we won’t have to worry about childcare while he’s off.

Renting in Southern California

Single story house for sale in rancho cucamonga
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I enjoy living here in Southern California. However, the cost of living is out of control. My husband and I are currently renting a 700 sq. ft. apartment in a suburb, just outside of Los Angeles. Our rent is very reasonable — for now. Yesterday, we went to the leasing office to explore possibly transferring units because one of our neighbors smokes like a chimney. We’ve complained, before, and he’s received notice from management but he continues to smoke. It’s so bad that when I walk past his apartment I hold my breath.