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Hey All!

I went to Babies R Us a month ago to get Milkmakers Cookies. I’ve been giving several things a try so that I can improve my milk supply; I’ll make a post about my progress later. Once I got there, I got a bit distracted looking at other things that I “needed.”

While I was there, I picked up leave-in conditioner, petroleum jelly, storage bags, and a formula prep container. The formula container received poor reviews but I wanted to give it a whirl. I’ve noticed sometimes it does leak. I’m not sure if it’s user error or not because I listen for the ‘click’ sound when I close it. I probably won’t throw it out since it’s only leaked once (that I know of).

The conditioner has been good for de-tangling Baby R’s growing curls. I usually wash her hair and apply the de-tangler while it’s still wet. It hasn’t flaked or irritated her scalp so I’m pretty happy.

As for the Milkmakers cookies, I believe they’ve been helping. In addition to the cookies, I eat oatmeal, drink lots of water and milk, and I take Fenugreek as recommended by my lactation consultant. I do have a couple of complaints, though. First, the price is insane! A bag of 10 cookies costs $25; they’re entirely too expensive. For twice that, I could buy the ingredients, bake them myself and make 20 or so cookies. Plus, I’d have ingredients left over to make another few batches. I’ve only purchased them twice and the second time, I had one and a half cookies sitting at the bottom of the bag as crumbs. I was a bit irritated that I didn’t get all 10 cookies. I enjoy the benefits of the cookies but I’ll pass on purchasing any more.