4 Budget-Friendly Places to Shop

shopping on a budget

Hi, All!

I thought I’d write this post because I’ve had a few people ask me where I get things I wear. When I tell them, they’re in disbelief and I don’t understand why. I’ve been shopping second hand stores for the past four years or so. Before I was married, I had a bad habit of not having a specific amount in mind before shopping. Now, I’ve given myself a decent budget which allows me to choose wisely instead of buying everything in sight. You don’t have to break the bank to look great. I’ve read horror stories of people working themselves into debt behind shopping. It’s never that serious.

My go-to stores are:

  • ThredUp
  • Goodwill
  • Kohls
  • Macy’s


ThredUp is a little secret I’ve had. I love the face that you can favorite pieces and come back to them later. Since I have the app on my phone, I get free shipping. In addition to that perk, there’s always a running 15% discount. I tend to wait for the big one: 20% to scoop up some pieces I’ve been eyeballing. For example, I bought this faux leather skirt by Nicole Miller Artelier for $16 after a promo code — it originally retailed over $200.

nicole miller skirt



Kohl’s is another great place to shop when you’re on a budget. I worked for Kohl’s while I was in college and I took FULL advantage of my employee discount. Honestly, this is the best place to coupon. If you shop there anyway, you’ll end up with Kohl’s cash whenever there’s a promo. And then, you can just use that cash with whatever coupon you roll in with and end up saving so much money. Kohl’s saves the 30% off coupons for the cardholders but 20% + Kohl’s cash is still winning.

kohls cash

Believe it or not, Macy’s is a great store to find deals. I’m signed up to receive their promotional emails. More times than not, they’ll have a sale that you can use a promo code/coupon for. For example, let’s say you found a pair of boots that retailed for $180. They were marked down to $95. Then, you apply the 15% promo code received via email to your purchase. You’ve just saved close to $100 on some spiffy new kicks! macy's sale

Shopping at the Goodwill is pretty straight-forward. Usually, the sales are organized using colors. For example, colored tag sales start on Saturdays and last the duration of the week. The sale may be everything tagged with the color of the week is $1. You can’t beat that with a baseball bat! Depending on the area you shop, you may really come up. I’ve found many classic pieces at the Goodwill.

Another piece of advice on budget shopping is to shop the clearance and sale sections. Lots of people bypass these sections because they think that’s where the undesirables go to die. WRONG! These sections are your BFFs, whether you’re shopping online or at a brick and mortar. I can’t tell you the last time I paid full-price for any article of clothing. In my opinion, it’s unnecessary. If you can get a deal, why not take it?

What are some of your go-to stores? Any suggestions on where to look for sweet deals?


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